It’s Been a Long Time Coming

water7Sometimes breaks in activity take you by surprise. Sometimes the expected gets lost in the background of life. Sometimes we emerge confused about how so much time has passed, so much water has flowed, so many moons have risen.

Then, it’s time to remember … Now is the only moment we can be certain of. And, what is showing up in this very special present moment is worthy of our full attention.

Be amazed … BE amazing!

Small Beginnings

“From small beginnings come great things.”

We may remember our greatest accomplishments as beginning with a leap of faith or a magical synchronicity. But before the leap or the magic, there was surely a moment of inner clarity and passionate caring, an intentionality that placed our foot on the path. And with a dose of inner courage we consciously took the smallest, first step.

So continue to follow your heart, be guided by your inner focus, and make a small beginning toward amazingly great things.

Seeing to the Other Side

When you’re facing a brick wall, feeling stuck, overwhelmed and ohhhh, just a wee bit frustrated, seems advice can come from just about every direction. And sometimes there’s such an open fire-hose flow of possibility offered that looking at that brick wall feels like a respite, a retreat, a welcome recess. And you know what that means. Nothing. NO thing is happening. And that can be exactly what you need … for a while.

Our responsibility is to make sense of all the potential that sits right within our reach. To focus in on what resonates with who we are deep in our center. To shut out the noisy distraction of others’ helpful perspective and to listen respectfully to our inside voice.

Take time today with whatever you are facing to appreciate who you are, to focus on where you are heading and to reconnect with your personal conviction. You’ll be happy you did.

Always be amazed and amazing.

The Moon Rises and Expands

Today we are in the expansive and expanding energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, supports our newest and freshest ideas, assists us in discovering and amplifying new awareness, and best of all, invites us all into the hugest sense of freedom, growth and best potential we can imagine and beyond. Wow! Give me more of that!!

So take in the energy of the Sagittarius Full Moon and bravely expand your greatest and brightest most amazing self as only YOU CAN!!

Be simply amazed!

In a Rut?

If you’re feeling just a little bit in a rut (or you find yourself in a rut so deep you can’t even see up over the edge) this posting is for you. I expect your everyday routine, the one that’s worked so well in the past just isn’t moving you forward to what you want to express or manifest NOW.

When you are in so deep how do you shake things up and create a new reality for yourself? Thinking it, setting intention, wishing it simply isn’t enough. I believe we need to embody the willingness for something new to emerge.

I suggest changing one or two or even three things about your morning routine. Yep, I know, this is the hardest part of the day to influence. A lot of what we are doing is impacted by set schedules like work and the people with whom we share our lives. So here’s a simple practice to do:

1. First waking breath, remember today is a new day and you are going to shake up your familiar routine. Tip: I like to think about this the night before particularly if I need to get anything ready ahead of time. As I fall asleep, I mentally go through the steps I will take the next morning so I’m ready.

2. As you are waking, take a few moments to lie quietly in bed. Shift your attention and energy onto your intention for what you want to express today.

3. Now, shake it up!. Softly, gently, and consciously choose to do something new and different (even doing things in a different order can make a big difference).

Try it for a week or two and notice what happens. Your days will surely unfold in surprising ways.

Be amazed and amazing!